Spare parts

Feets for sewing machines, funnels, hemming blades, knitters, knives, scissors and ets.



Sewing needles

Sewing needles.
Interesting information about the ORGAN needles: the needles are produced of special material, developed for this purpose that has extra hardness and strength.
For sewing a high quality garments you need a careful selection of needles with the appropriate edge.
The product portfolio of Organ needles includes different series:
PD- needles with special titanium cover that gives them long life and makes their usage longer.
KN and SF- to avoid the breaking of the stitches and making holes on the fabric- appropriate when sewing light and delicate materials.
NS- for avoiding the gathering of the stitching.
NY2 and SK1- for avoiding missing stitches.
LE- needles with bigger hole- two sizes bigger holes and wider channel for ease sewing with thicker yarn.


Sewing scissors

Sewing scissors. We offer a wide range of sewing scissors KAI, having the following features: blade, made of carbonated steel with vanadium, special screws against tightening or loosening during work with them, handles made of soft rubber- comfortable for continuous work and practically unbreakable blades- curved blades for delicate materials.