When BRILLANT S.A- Greece started working, 60 years ago, they have two main targets- design and production of high quality products with competitive prices and customer satisfaction.
Pioneer in new ideas and modern technologies, BRILLANT manage to succeed they targets and now they are effective, working and constantly developing producer of yarn in the textile industry, because:
  • satisfy the needs in every field of the sewing products from garments to ship sails;
  • offer high-tech yarn in many colors on stock, but also able to dye every color on client’s demand;
  • offer competitive prices and advices from commercial consultant;
  • react fast and correct to every order received;
  •  high specialized crew help with choosing the right product for obtaining the best results. 
BRILLANT is constantly investing in development of new products and technologies.
This achieved goal puts BRILLANT on one go the leading places in the highly competitive world market.
Research and development of new production methods is build on 3 principles: a) good quality; b) price reduction and c) respect to the environment.